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Our engineering and survey services
add real value to brownfield projects.



Whether you want the assurance of first-time-fit, an as-built model of your asset, the ability to view the worksite from your desk, or simply a new approach to delivering brownfield engineering and asset integrity, we deliver results safely, quickly, and cost effectively.

For over 25 years, Scopus has been delivering these value-adding services to the oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, power, utility and nuclear industries. Typical examples of how we can support your brownfield operations include:

Lean engineering

Scopus specialises in brownfield modifications and upgrades and has developed practices which are proven to deliver significant savings compared to conventional engineering delivery.

Scopus’ engineering solutions are tailored to the brownfield environment and focus heavily on reducing schedule, with a quick turnaround of engineering deliverables for client requirements.

3D Laser scanning

Rapid 3D as-built data capture allows detailed design and engineering to proceed at pace, resulting in reduced program durations and re-work, with the added benefit of reduced site teams. It is also utilised to effectively reverse engineer assets for decommissioning.

360° PhotoScans

Bring your site to your desktop with an excellent tool for familiarisation, communication and constructability reviews. This web-based tool allows viewing and sharing from any workstation without the need for 3rd party software.

Dimensional control

Our dimensional control service ensures first-time-fit at site thereby reducing cost, schedule and risk by eliminating hot work and re-work. We also provide setting out, topographical and GPR survey services.